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Home Charging Installation for Your Electric Car

Need an Electrician?

Why is it important to hire an electrician?

Why Hire an Electrician for my Car Charging Station?

By hiring a licensed electrician such as us, you can be ensured your electrical systems are up-to-date and can handle a charging station without the risk of your safety. Other things we ensure in our process is:

Correct permits are pulled for your residence or business.

Complete a load calculation of all existing circuits.

Ensure you grounding system is installed correct.

How much does it cost to install my charging station?

Installations vary on the type of electric automobile model and requirements of the job. A simple job can cost as little as $500 but a major installation or overhaul can cost more than $6,000. For a more exact estimate feel free to Contact us today for more information.

Will I need a electrical panel upgrade for my home?

After determining the results of your load calculation at your residence or office will determine if a panel upgrade is needed.

When should I install my home charging station for my electric car?

Contacting an electrician when you are making a choice on purchasing an electric car will allow you to know the cost of an home charging station in advanced. Currently none of the dealerships are offering installations with a purchase of these automobiles.

Once you have chosen the right car for you, set an appointment for us to come instal your charging station. Installations for charging stations typically take about a day unless it is a bigger job requested by the customer. Planning ahead for installs is important especially with the requirements of permits and inspections. Contact us today!

Should I install a charging station at my business?

Many businesses around the San Francisco Bay Area have been installing charging stations for their employees. The more popular electric cars are becoming the more attractive it seems for employees to work at locations which provide a free charging station for the convenience and savings. Thinking about installing one for your office location? Contact us today!

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